Welcome to Propagatus

Check out my most recent works then let's get together to talk about your needs and how Propagatus can get your web site to meet those needs. I work with Wordpress and Full Stack development solutions.

Welcome to Website Design Jacksonville


Website Design Jacksonville is a collection of web design words intended to show off my ability to produce search engine optimization results. Why would I do such a thing? Because you want to know that I can. As of writing this, website design Jacksonville was averaging 70 searches per month on Google. 70 may not sound like very much but imagine paying me to optimize your site’s ranking against 100,000 searches per month or more! Bye, money! Setting up SEO with longer search terms, or “long tail keywords”, makes it easier to rank and if your business can only manage a few new customers a month, it just makes since. Voice to text technology is becoming more commonly used for searches. It is common for these types of searches to be a little more descriptive.


So… Website Design Jacksonville Again?


Yes, I am going to say that at the most optimal frequency to ensure I can rank on the first page of Google when someone searches for website design in Jacksonville. One would think that this sort of rambling on is pointless. One would be correct, however the point of this text is to be entertaining and informative. So long as the reader finds value in this garbage I am writing, the content is performing is most important role. I have no intention of trying to trick Google or any other search engine for that matter. They are way to smart for whatever B.S. I might come up with. That actually benefits me. I don’t have to trick any tech company to compete with other tricksters on the inter-web. Google’s hard work is to ensure quality content reaches the front page while the sloppy letter slap of cheap developers is sent to the back of the line where they belong.


Please, Not Again


Don’t worry. We don’t have to say website design Jacksonville again as if it is the name of our amazing web development company. The name is actually Propagatus. That is a latin form of “propagate” which loosely (very loosely) means, “to grow.” That is why we are here. We want to help small businesses grow. If you have hung on this long, then I’ve done something right. Here is what we offer…


Our Offer


A great big amazing good quality website. That’s right folks we are offering you what every other developer is offering, but there is a catch! You have to pay 30% of the proposed price upfront. The other 70% you pay monthly for 6 years. It’s awful, but we have to do business this way.  We had to make it so we might lose our 4$$ just to prove we are committed to your success! And the worst part is… if you decide you don’t want the site at any time before it is paid off, you DO NOT have to pay the rest. I mean, you can if you want, but that would just be silly.


Ok, in all seriousness, we have a hard to believe deal, but ask us how we do it and it’ll all make sense!



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