Welcome to Propagatus

Check out my most recent works then let's get together to talk about your needs and how Propagatus can get your web site to meet those needs. I work with Wordpress and Full Stack development solutions.
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Web design and development company with a focus on helping you grow your business with an incredible web presence.

  • Responsive

    Every pair of eyes that looks at your site is a lead waiting to be convinced to buy or to be turned off. Responsive web design ensures that every potential customer sees your business as professional and capable in every aspect of the services you provide.

  • Custom

    Your site can make you stand out to your customers or it can make you seem "run-of-the-mill" Be unique with custom web design that sets you out from the competition.

  • Fluid

    Fluid design gives your site an uninterrupted feeling of adaptation. The smooth, constant changes brings comfort and excitement to the viewer while resizing a browser. Nothing says hi-tech, hi-end service like fluid design.

  • Dynamic

    The business world is moving fast. Your site needs to be able to keep up! As potential customers interact with your site, dynamic style and data can keep you on the leading edge of fullfilling your viewers needs as they require it.

  • Animated

    Catchy and motivating! These words describe the benefits of well designed animations in your web site. Don't let your customers miss the most important details they need to make the best decisions about your business. Animate to motivate!