Welcome to Propagatus

Check out my most recent works then let's get together to talk about your needs and how Propagatus can get your web site to meet those needs. I work with Wordpress and Full Stack development solutions.



Propagatus is a Jacksonville based web development company aspiring to be a tech company investing in the future of technology that will improve the lives of everyone. Our goal is to improve the fun aspects of technology through virtual and augmented reality, but first, we have work to do.


Before Propagatus started I (James Toon, founder at Propagatus) was a massage therapist for over 10 years. Running my own business as a contract therapist was incredibly rewarding even against the challenges, but I noticed a constant pain in my side. Marketing. I wanted to focus on my business without the burden of marketing in Jacksonville. So I came up with an idea…


This idea required planning, tenacity, and money. My idea was going to improve the marketability for all small businesses in Jacksonville and hopefully the country. Unfortunately, I only had two of the three necessary ingredients. I was missing money.


To take the long road to meet my aspiration without funding bread a new idea. I became a full stack web developer and started Propagatus Web Development.  While my first idea will have to wait, I get to take much joy in providing the support for new and small businesses that I could not find as a massage therapist in the marketing world.


Our Jacksonville Model


Quality web sites and web solutions that you pay only 30% of development cost upfront. The remaining 70% is spread over monthly payments for 6 years!


This model benefits the relationship between developer and small business in a few simple but powerful ways…

  • My development team stays vested in your businesses’ success
  • The business gets value and freedom while quality stays paramount
  • An ongoing developer/small business relationship stays balanced and empowering for both
  • The businesses’ website stays updated for the entirety of the working relationship


One last benefit of working with the Propagatus web development payoff model, if you decide you no longer want the site before it is paid in full, it is OK! You and your business will NOT be required to finish paying for the site. We want to be YOUR business partner. We want to incur some risk with you. This is how we stay vested in your success.


Contact me at our Jacksonville office anytime!
p: (904) 718-2942
e: james@propagatus.com