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4 Reasons to Update Your Website

4 Reasons Why You Should Update Your Website

In today’s world, any business that wants to succeed needs to have an online presence. But if you want to provide customers with a top-notch user experience while also maximizing your potential for profit, not just any old website will do. It’s got to be leading edge and offer users something they can’t get anywhere else. So, how do you know when your site isn’t being all it can be? Here are four reasons why you should update your website before it’s too late:


Your security may be at risk


Today’s computer hackers aren’t taking a break and neither should you. They’re continuously looking for flaws in websites and web publishing platforms, and sooner or later they find them. That’s why every few months, reputable platforms like WordPress or Wix will release new versions of their software and encourage their customers to update. They, too, spend time looking at their own vulnerabilities and developing new security features to protect you. Keeping your website on older versions of software is an open invitation to hackers to come on in. Just take a look at this vulnerability on Wix sites that once put millions of their users at risk. By making sure you have the latest, most secure version, you can stay one step ahead, and keep your site – and your business – protected. Try this quick WebScan to see if your security is at risk.


Your site is outdated


It can be hard to keep up with the changing times in the online world. There are new features and functionalities introduced almost daily that can make your site look older than it even is. That’s why it’s important to regularly assess how your site is doing in terms of the new basics. Is it mobile friendly? Does it have a fast loading speed? Is it compatible with the latest browsers? Sites with long lists of product information and links may serve their basic purpose but they may not be mobile friendly. They’re likely not taking advantage of the latest design trends either. You may love how your website looks but if it’s not keeping up with the latest trends and technologies, it could prove hard to attract visitors – and keep them coming back. Consider upgrading to a new template, or at the very least, having a good hard look at the backend. You can use this free Website Speed Test or Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test to analyze your site today.


Your site isn’t getting picked up in search


You have most beautiful website in the world but no one is coming to visit it? That’s a problem, and it’s likely because no one can find it. It’s critical to make sure your site is optimized for search engines like Google. For instance, there are more than 200 factors that Google could look at on a site to determine its search ranking. If your old site was never set up for search engine optimization (SEO), or if it was optimized a few years back, it’s definitely time for a refresh. Search giants like Google also make changes to their algorithms (how they rank websites in their search results) regularly. Your SEO tactics need to adapt accordingly if people are going to find you. This free SEO Audit Tool can help you get started.


Your content is stale


People go to websites for a reason. Whether they’re looking for information, they want to buy something, or they simply want to be entertained, they’re looking for you to meet their needs. If your blog hasn’t been updated in months, your latest videos are from last year, or your copyright is dated 2013, you’re probably not meeting their needs. Users are quick to spot and bounce from sites that can’t be bothered to offer them new content. Work on developing a content strategy that is robust, engaging, and ensures fresh content is published on your website on a regular basis. It will not only make your clients happy and coming back, but it will also help build domain authority. Search engines like updated content too. Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating great content. To check your website’s domain authority and see how you can improve, click here.


Your website is your company’s online persona. Make sure it reflects the very best of you by staying on top of the latest technology and trends. In today’s marketplace, users expect nothing less. If you want to earn and keep their business, you need to show them you’re worth it. And that means being a leader in your field, both online and off.

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