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Why   "Why did you do that?" Chances are, you added some tone in there. Some rhetoric, perhaps? How about when YOU asked somebody why they did something. Do you find it hard to ask "Why?" without coming across condescending or disingenuous? If your "why" doesn't cause some strange or hard feelings to crop up, then you are lucky, but you might need to read this anyway....

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augmented reality

I am a huge fan of Second Life, a virtual reality platform well over 10 years old. A user can register and is immediately assigned an avatar to navigate and explore virtual worlds or sims. The sandbox environment allows users to rent or purchase virtual land to create anything they can muster in their imaginations. Users can learn SLS, SL's powerful scripting language to bring...

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4 Reasons to Update Your Website

In today’s world, any business that wants to succeed needs to have an online presence. But if you want to provide customers with a top-notch user experience while also maximizing your potential for profit, not just any old website will do. It’s got to be leading edge and offer users something they can’t get anywhere else. So, how do you know when your site isn’t...

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